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New Landers Saga E-book Covers!

I’m so excited to share these!  The artist Rebecca Crockett did such a lovely job with the colors and the compositions–I really love how she captured the mood and atmosphere for each book.  I’m leaving the old covers on the print books as an homage to my mom, but these will be on all the e-book covers for the Landers Saga.   In other news, I’m almost done with the rough draft of The In-Between Place.  This one’s taken a couple months longer than the other books because of some changes to my employment situation.  I’ll post more news here soon . . . in the meantime, here are some pretty pictures for you to enjoy!

Fledgling_Witch_Amazon_ReadyWitch_Awakening_Amazon_Ready Tapestry_Lion_Amazon_Ready Phoenix_Ashes_Amazon_Ready Curious_Fear_Amazon_Ready

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