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Fledgling Witch, Free Kindle Book from January 5th to January 9th

In December, I took a break from The Curious Fear of High and Lonely Places to write a Christmas present for myself: a novella entitled Fledgling Witch about Safire’s adolescence and how she becomes a psychic artist in a world that burns witches at the stake.  I’m not normally one who enjoys writing shorter pieces–I admire folks like Roald Dahl and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle tremendously who turned out all these amazing short stories, with cool twists at the end and everything.  I think a lot of my admiration has to do with the fact that my mind seems to seize up when I attempt to write short stories–my instructors invariably scrawled in red ink on my efforts “pare it down, reads like the beginning of a novel instead of a short story.”  That said, this novella rat-a-tat-tatted out of my keyboard over the course of a week and a half–I so loved writing in Safire’s early voice, and this novella was just the right length to allow an interesting (at least to me) story arc and resolution, a way to remember and honor my artist parents during the holidays.  I think Fledgling Witch will give those who have already read the rest of the Landers Saga a few hours’ worth of entertainment and perhaps some new perspective on Safire’s character.  I also think Fledgling Witch is a good taste for those who have never heard of the Landers Saga before, which is why I’m offering the Kindle version for free on Amazon the next five days.

Link to the Amazon page for Fledgling Witch

For all you readers without Kindles . . . I will be putting out a paperback copy of Fledgling Witch soon.  Also, I plan to publish other e-book versions when my contract with Amazon expires in the spring.  I’ll post here when new versions are available.  Also, please feel free to e-mail me at if you have questions about this or any of the other books in the Landers Saga.

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