The Dream Garden

Far across the sea from the mortal world lies a vast wilderness where phoenixes have existed for a thousand years. They guard the dream garden, a sacred place of untapped spiritual power. Now that Dominic of Landers has vanquished the warden of the western seas in a magical fight and broken the spell binding the phoenixes to their land, they are free to mingle with the society they left behind so long ago.

The flock of ancient firebirds emerges briefly to help Safire, Merius, and their family defeat an enemy invader from another realm. However, rather than engage with their distant descendants, the elder phoenixes retreat back into the mysterious place they have called home for a millennium. Safire and Merius, curious about their rescuers, decide to visit the reclusive group.

No one expects what occurs next, of course. Those readers who have followed Safire’s and her family’s adventures in the Landers Saga and Phoenix Realm books know how much trouble Safire, Merius, and their children can cause. Now add a sarcastic unicorn, a mean old bat, a slightly wicked trickster with too many handkerchiefs, and a philosophical tiger-man to the mix and see what happens. For those who find such antics entertaining, read on. You won’t be disappointed (I hope;)

A Nest of Thorns now available!

Lycora drifts off to sleep one night in her tower chamber and awakens a century later to snow falling through the crumbling roof over her bed. Stunned and grieving her lost world, she discovers her cousin also shares the curse. They set out together to learn how a hundred years passed while they slept and […]

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The Dream Garden now available!

I just completed my latest novel about the Landers - entitled The Dream Garden, the story follows the adventures of ...

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