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Once in a Blue Moon

I’m absurdly excited, so excited I have to post about this.  There will be two full moons in the month of December this year, one that occurred on December 2nd and one occuring on New Year’s Eve!  What a way to welcome in the New Year–with a blue moon!  The werewolves will be out and about on New Year’s Eve, partying with the rest of us.  Personally, I wouldn’t mind dating a werewolf, if he was cute and hairy like Wolverine and had a tractor and knew how to use it (I’ve gotten very practical about romantic matters as I’ve gotten older–men who come with tractors, who love fixing rutted driveways and silty ponds–now they’re my kind of men.  I think I’d marry one of those and cook big meals for him so he would be in high gear to grade the driveway.)  But I digress. 

It’s odd–I’ve had a very moony year, culminating in this blue moon month.  I go out walking a lot at night after I get home from work, and during November’s full moon, I had a mystical experience on one of these walks.  It was a misty night, and the mist captured the moonlight and refracted it, so that everything had this dreamy, silvery cast.  I remember walking and listening to my soundtrack for 6 Feet Under and feeling outside of my body as I stared up at the moon.  I felt like my soul could travel until I bridged galaxies, bridged eons of time.  In clock time, only a half hour or so went by.  But in real time, it felt like that walk went on forever, into silvery eternity.

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