A magpie in her writing, Karen enjoys weaving elements from genres such as historical fantasy, paranormal romance, and family saga into an eclectic nest. She completed the Landers Saga in 2012, her first series about the House of Landers.

Imagine being a seer in a skewed Renaissance world that burns witches at the stake. The Landers Saga tells the story of Safire, a psychic artist whose unusual abilities condemn her as a witch in her superstitious society. A sensitive and wild soul, Safire struggles to survive and be herself in a labyrinth of unforgiving rules and court intrigue. She plunges headlong into a passionate love affair with a highborn man, little imagining the far-reaching consequences of this entanglement for her, her family, and her world.

There are five books in the Landers Saga:

The Witch Awakening (published March 2010)

Tapestry Lion (published November 2010)

Phoenix Ashes (published August 2011)

The Curious Fear of High and Lonely Places (published October 2012)

Fledgling Witch: A Novella (Prequel to the Landers Saga) (published December 2011)

There are four books in the Phoenix Realm Series:

The Bird Children (Book One of the Phoenix Realm) (published February 2014)

Across the Summer Sea (Book Two of the Phoenix Realm) (published March 2015)

The In-Between Place (Book Three of the Phoenix Realm) (published May 2016)

How Winter Came to Eden (Book Four of the Phoenix Realm) (published July 2017)

All of these books are available in print and electronic formats on Amazon.  Also you may purchase e-book versions from all major retailers:  Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, Sony, Smashwords, etc.

Karen has also written a novel retelling the Greek myth of Persephone and Hades:

Persephone’s Tears: A Romance in the Seventh Dimension

And a novel retelling the fairytale “The Sleeping Beauty”:

A Nest of Thorns by [Karen Nilsen]

A Nest of Thorns

The Landers have further adventures in The Dream Garden:

The Dream Garden


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A Nest of Thorns now available!

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The Dream Garden now available!

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