Persephone’s Tears: A Romance in the Seventh Dimension

When a warlock steals an egg from a phoenix nest and brings it to the afterlife, he hopes to bargain his way out of Hell.  However, the thief’s wicked scheme doesn’t work out quite as he plans, and the egg winds up in the possession of Hades, the ruler of the dead.  Desperate to hatch the egg, Hades and his loyal servant Dante seek Zeus’s advice.  Chaos ensues . . .

Above ground, Persephone dances with other maidens through a world that has never experienced winter.  Her mother, Demeter, goddess of fertility, has kept it summer forever.  One day, Persephone hears mysterious singing and whispers coming from a dark chasm in the forest.  Her mother forbids her to investigate the strange matter further, but Persephone rebels and ends up in Hades’s chariot.  More chaos ensues . . .

From instruction concerning the correct feeding of a phoenix chick to gods and spirits debating philosophy to the three-headed dog Cerberus chasing ghost cats, this re-imagining of an ancient myth will take readers on an adventure across the River Styx to explore the geography of the afterlife. 

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Persephone’s Tears: A Romance in the Seventh Dimension now available on Amazon

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