Tapestry Lion (Book Two of the Landers Saga)

New ebook coverTapestry_Lion_Amazon_ReadyWhen Queen Jazmene of Sarneth assassinates her brother with the help of her lover Lord Toscar and the witch Undene, she hopes to gain control of her ancestral throne. However, the unexpected birth of an heir thwarts her plans . . . for the moment.

When young witch artist Safire travels to Sarneth, she no longer fears being burned at the stake. Unlike her homeland Cormalen, Sarneth allows witches to live and women to be artists. She revels in this newfound freedom, unaware that her ignorance of her own talents could prove fatal to those she loves.

When Queen Jazmene takes an interest in Safire’s sketches, it would seem to be an artist’s dream come true. After all, who doesn’t want a royal patron? But Jazmene is no ordinary patron, and Safire is no ordinary artist. Suddenly entangled in an intrigue of international proportions, Safire struggles to escape the web of deception . . .

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© Copyright 2010 K. Nilsen

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