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Autumn Blaze and Book News

When my dogs and I went for a hike Friday afternoon, it was close to sundown (still getting used to the daylight savings time change). I always take a little break at the top of the old orchard we walk through and sit on a tree trunk that stretches across the path, at just the perfect level for a seat. As I caught my breath, the sun slipped behind the edge of the mountains, and the sky flushed a lovely golden pink that deepened to coral to the east. The trees, some still clinging to their autumn finery, made a tracery of dark branches and trunks against the sky and the backdrop of the mountains. The peak of the fall colors here happened last weekend, but you wouldn’t have known it if you’d been sitting where I was sitting. All the yellows and oranges of the leaves, a thousand separate gradations of that particular band of the spectrum, lit up like flames under the coral glow of the sky.  For that fleeting moment just before twilight, my world was on fire in a magical blaze of color.  It looked animated, too bright to be real, all the warm shades and tints glistening like fresh paint.  I love this time of year!

In other news, I’m almost done with the first book (now tentatively entitled The Bird Children) of the new series about the House of Landers.  I expect to have it available in early 2014 and will post more details here as I move through the process of pushing this reluctant fledgling out of the nest.  🙂 

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